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For the Birds

Rascal-pine-cone-300x225Birds are wonderful and intelligent companions. Because of their complex social structure in the wild, they interact with humans in a way few other non-human companions do. Companion birds come in a huge variety of species, each with distinct personality traits. Birds are flock animals and often come to view their owners as “their flock.” In the wild a bird would never be separated from its flock and this tendency is very strong in some species (e.g. cockatoos). Also, in the wild, a bird would spend its entire day foraging through tree tops, ripping and tearing (and pooping too!). These needs are no less in captivity as birds are not domesticated animals. Because of this fact we recommend speaking with with one of our Guelph avian veterinarians who are familiar with birds before selecting an avian companion.

Our Guelph Veterinarians can help find the species that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Unfortunately, behaviour problems are extremely prevalent in avian companions (this results in thousands of parrots being re-homed each year). We can help you get started on the right foot with a new feathered friend through advice on “Captive Foraging” and proper nutrition. Our avian and exotic Veterinarians in Guelph also offer a full range of medical services for avian patients.

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