​In the event of an emergency, please try calling the clinic first at 519-837-1212 before proceeding. In the event of a true emergency where you are unable to reach a member of our team on the phone please proceed directly to the clinic and we will assist you on arrival. The direct number for our after-hours emergency service is 519-837-1214.

??????Everything with reptiles occurs slowly, however they still have conditions that require emergency care.

Emergency conditions in turtles:

  • Trauma
  • Aural Abscesses
  • Diarrhea
  • Shell Fractures
  • Respiratory Difficulties – bubbles at the nostrils, or difficulties swimming.
  • Prolapse
  • Retained Eggs

Emergency conditions in lizards:

  • Trauma
  • Fracture
  • Bite Wound
  • Prolapse
  • Burn
  • Retained Egg

Emergency conditions in snakes:

  • Bite wounds
  • Burns
  • Prolapse
  • Retained egg
  • Respiratory disease

If your reptile is experiencing any of the above signs they need to be seen as soon as possible.