Emergency Procedures

Looking for a 24 hour emergency veterinarian in Guelph, Ontario?

Should an emergency arise, we have you covered. At our Guelph veterinary hospital, we have a doctor on call overnight, on weekends and holidays. We are there for you and your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to leave your pet, there will always be someone with them overnight so we can monitor their progress and tailor their medications.

In the event of an emergency during the day, please try to call the clinic first at 519-837-1212 then proceed to the clinic.
If you are calling after hours you can still reach us. Our on-call registered veterinary technician will answer the phone. The direct number for our after-hours technician is 519-837-1214.

Has your pet gotten into something?

In the event that your pet has gotten into medication, household products, plants, or anything toxic, please contact the pet poison helpline immediately by following the link below. You will speak directly to a veterinarian that has access to product information and will help determine the best course of treatment. If they recommend veterinary care we can follow up with them by referring to your case number.

Pet Poison Hotline:

When you arrive at our clinic

If you have an emergency during our regular appointment hours we will assess your pet upon your arrival. For urgent cases there are a few options. We recognize and understand busy schedules and we try to ensure that your wait time is minimized. You are welcome to leave your pet at the hospital after giving one of our registered veterinary technicians a full description of the concern you have with your pet. Once your pet has been examined you will be contacted by one of our veterinarians with discussions about next steps. Alternatively, you are also welcome to wait and we will see your pet according to our triage procedure.

For emergencies after hours please call the clinic first and one of our technicians will address your call. They can help determine your pet’s needs.

Our Triage Procedure

When you arrive at the clinic your pet will be triaged to assess the severity of his/her medical condition. This ensures that we address our most critical patients first.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with the triage system and can assure you that your pet will receive the same level of attention as a patient that may be placed ahead of you due to urgency of its condition.