Avian Nutrition

Nutrition for Our Pet Birds

Nutrition in our avian species is of upmost importance. Our Avian Veterinarians in Guelph treat nutritional deficiencies on a regular basis.

Bird Food Sold at Campus Estates Animal Hospital

A significant percentage of our bird appointments are due to improper housing and nutrition problems. This is why we recommend Harrison’s Bird Food. It has been fortified with vitaminsand is balanced for complete nutrition for your pet bird. A seed diet is not a balanced diet. Harrison’s only uses organic ingredients. They do not use chemicals, insecticides, hormones or fungicides and there are no preservatives. They use premium whole grains and legumes.

We also stock a vast selection of Lafaber Food options in various sizes to suit your pets individual needs. From Nutriberries for your Cockatiels, Parakeets, Parrots, and Maccaws, to dietary options, and Avi cakes.