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Feline Nutrition

rcYour pets’ health is our priority that is why our Guelph veterinarians recommend diets that optimize the health of your pet.

Royal Canin is a pet first company with a simple mission: to provide the most precise nutritional answers to the specific needs of cats and dogs through health nutrition and shared knowledge. This is accomplished by building on constantly growing scientific knowledge and their roots in the feline and canine professional networks.

Royal Canin knows that pets are not people; each individual pet is unique with their own specific nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own. Royal Canin does not follow dietary fads when it comes to pet food. Instead they place the cat and dog at the centre of the formulation process and maintain a purely scientific approach to create diets for the specific life stage and health needs of each cat and dog. This guarantees that every diet created will offer the best whole body nutrition your pet requires during every life stage or therapeutic need – part of their pet first philosophy.

Royal Canin’s four goals of health nutrition:

1. Body development and maintenance:

Specific nutrients are required in order to support bodily functions through the different stages of growth and maintenance. This includes providing the right balance of protein (amino acids), fat (fatty acids), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Royal Canin recognizes that depending on the life stage, cats and dogs require specific nutrients at different levels and has created diets for each of these stages. In addition, Royal Canin has also developed size specific nutrition, recognizing that different sized dogs have different nutrient and energy requirements. This allows both cats and dogs to be fed to their precise needs during each stage of life.

2. Energy provision:

Cats and dogs can use fats, carbohydrates and proteins as their energy sources. Offering the proper balance of these energy-providing nutrients helps to ensure an appropriate body condition, and contribute to overall health. The energy requirements of cats and dogs will vary according to the activity level, size, life stage and health of each animal. Royal Canin provides a variety of formulations to meet the specific needs of cats and dogs. This is another step towards their pet first philosophy – a diverse formula offering allows even the most difficult cases, a nutritional option.

3. Nutrition and prevention:

Through targeted nutrition certain nutrients (antioxidants, prebiotics, essential fatty acids, etc.) can be added to a diet in order to help provide additional support to the body such as digestive, joint, urinary and cognitive support. These unique nutrients can help support and slow the progression of certain diseases. Royal Canin uses an array of targeted nutrients through different life stages, and therapeutic needs, offering whole body support. This goes in line with the belief of whole body nutrition, feeding for tomorrow’s health, today.

4. Nutrition and care:

During times of illness or disease, cats and dogs can benefit from targeted nutrition. Royal Canin has a vast offering of speciality formulas tailored specifically for certain diseases or aliments. By tailoring formulations to meet the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs during these times of stress we can support their recovery and improve their well-being.

Royal Canin’s Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Royal Canin is committed to innovations in health nutrition, and to improving the lives of cats and dogs. Royal Canin Canada’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario, is one of the most prominent manifestations of their commitment to Canadian cats and dogs.

Their manufacturing mission is three-fold:

  1. To ensure product safety
  2. To exceed the product quality expectations of Canadian cat and dog owners
  3. To provide the most precise nutrition available in the Canadian pet food market

How do they meet their mission?

  • Royal Canin puts all of their raw material suppliers through a rigorous selection process. Once the supplier has been deemed acceptable they are continually audited, as well as 100% of all raw materials delivered to the manufacturing facilities are tested prior to their use.
  • Royal Canin’s manufacturing facilities perform thousands of quality checks every month, including but not limited to tests for Salmonella, melamine and mycotoxins.
  • Every formula sold by Royal Canin is manufactured in a Royal Canin owned and operated facility that is certified ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management), FSSC 22000:2010 (Food Safety Systems), and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management).
  • Royal Canin performs analysis on all finished products to ensure nutritional precision and product consistency.

As a company that was founded by a veterinarian, Royal Canin understands the importance of providing the highest quality health nutrition to each and every cat and dog.