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Multiple Cat Households

By December 28, 2016 Blog

For people who have multiple cats, we need to start looking for and responding to much more subtle clues regarding social interactions. Does one of the cat’s lay on the stairs preventing another cat from going up or down? When it is meal time does one cat eat first? We need to consider where our resources are and spread them around the house. Resources include food, water, litter box, hiding places and resting spots. We need to ensure that every cat in the house has access to separate resources. If you have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes but have the litter boxes side by side, this is still considered one litter box. Ideally these litter boxes would be in separate rooms. One thing to consider when coming in for your next appointment is to do a map of your cat’s resources for us. Included in this diagram would be a sketch of you home, number of cats, litter boxes and location, resting places for each of the cats (where they like to hang out), along with food and water dishes.