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RobinVeterinarian Assistant

Our bright and bubbly biology brainiac Veterinary Assistant, Robin, joined us in November 2019. She made the move all the way from Newfoundland to work on securing her seat in the Ontario Vet College classrooms.

Robin’s dream of practicing veterinary medicine found its direction while working summers at a wildlife rehabilitation center. She already has so much passion for ecology and conservation, so a wildlife veterinarian seems the natural fit for her. She hopes to learn as much as she can while assisting our veterinarians and caring for our patients.

When not at work, Robin can be found reading up on marine biology or hiking outdoors. We wouldn’t be surprised if she figured out how to do both at the same time. She has a lovely kitty, Mia, at home and wouldn’t you know it, the cat is the “exotic” one in the household…because she is greatly outnumbered by Robin’s three Fire-Bellied Toads and three White’s Tree Frogs!