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I joined the team at Campus Estates in July 2023

I’ve always been fascinated by biology, how the body works, ways to detect changes in health, attempts at using medicine to restore health, and more. Combine that with my love for animals, it’s a perfect fit. I completed my Bachelor of Science Honors from Queens University, then did one year at Georgian College in the veterinary technician program before being accepted into OVC. I graduated in 2023!

Throughout my undergraduate career I had many roles in single veterinary practices that allowed me to gain a lot of hands on experience working closely with the vets as their tech/assistant. Additionally, in the summer of 2020, I worked in the ICU at OVC as a student technician, which introduced me to the emergency field and gave me valuable hands on experience and knowledge that I still use today

I love the variety of cases we see, the fast paced environment, the intensity of cases, and the fact that any day is unpredictable.

My goals here will be to learn as much as I can and be the most effective doctor I can be. In the future I may consider a specialization in internal medicine, and the cases we see at CEAH will give me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge prior to considering a residency.

I share my home with Phoenix, Nova and Wrigley. Phoenix is an orange tabby. He has typical psycho orange cat personality and will do ANYTHING for a treat. Nova, a tortoiseshell, whom defies the rules of typical sassy tortie’s as she is very sweet and loving. Wrigley, a Labrador retriever, who will also do anything for a treat (typical lab), he also thinks he’s a cat; and acts more like a cat than a dog

I really enjoy playing soccer and find it is a great outlet for stress and other hard emotions that come with the career of emergency veterinary work.