Tiffany is a Veterinary Assistant and, though she joined our crew in December 2019, it feels like she has been here so much longer. She had spent three years working at another animal hospital and worked with similar systems and protocols. Combining that competence with her confidence made her an immediate superstar at Campus Estates Animal Hospital.
It’s unsurprising to us that Tiffany is working towards a career in Criminal Justice. She has a no-nonsense attitude and her strong work ethic is unmatched. Luckily for us, she is passionate about animal health and welfare. She plans to spend her time with us until she finishes her degree and becomes a criminal superstar…wait…no…you know what we mean.
At home, Tiffany lives with her dogs Louie, Archie and Marv. Marv is actually a cat, but he doesn’t know that. If she wins the lottery, she plans to purchase a hobby farm and open a rescue for senior dogs. We imagine she will open her rescue to cats with identity crises, too.