Ebony joined the Campus Estates team in November of 2018. After working in a small animal hospital for several years she decided she wanted to broaden her horizons into exotics and emergency medicine. What does she enjoy most about the job? That no day is the same! She is always amazed by all the unique pets we see on a daily basis and the incredible ability of our team to provide the knowledge and care for all the different creatures that come through the door.

Ebony shares her home her partner and her adopted dog Goose. Between the behavioural obstacles she has worked through with Goose and her work with young rescue horses she has found a passion in animal behaviour and hopes to continue to provide rehabilitation for animals in need throughout her life.

With any other spare time she can find she can usually be found (or in some cases lost) adventuring a new trail somewhere, attempting another home DIY product or creating another chaotic (but usually delicious) mess in the kitchen.